Ten seconds with Debbie Reynolds


It is so very sad to be writing this.
I met Debbie Reynolds for all of ten seconds when I asked her if I could take her photograph during the 2011 graduation ceremony for The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She was there to introduce her daughter Carrie Fisher who was receiving an Honorand from Central.
She was sitting quietly all on her own in the middle of a function room full of animated academics catching up with each other while her daughter was being photographed with various individuals and groups.
I asked her if I could take her picture and in that instant she turned into the Hollywood royalty she is and gave me this perfect pose which I am sure she has been giving her entire career. I thanked her and moved on from this lovely humble lady who had no airs and graces at all.
I know I am a soft hearted idiot but I cried when I heard that she had passed in such heartbreaking circumstances.
Rest in peace Miss Reynolds.

CSSD. Graduation ceremony at The Royal Festival Hall. Debbie Reynolds. © Patrick Baldwin 2011. All rights reserved.

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