Shakespeare, his wife and the dog video


I spent a great day with Philip Whitchurch, Sally Edwards and Julia St John who are Batedbreath. Together we filmed a trailer for the tour of “Shakespeare, his wife and the dog”. Curiously, it took all day to shoot what became a one minute trailer for a show that lasts one hour! Go figure.
It was a great way to test out the new Sony FS5 in the environment in which it will find itself most of the time. I’m slowly getting to grips with it.
Phil and Sally are great actors and with Julia directing everything went very smoothly. The trailer is designed to be seen on the internet and to be played on a loop in the public areas of theatres where it will be on. We created a silent version with more captions to satisfy that need as well.
The show is on tour right now. You can see the dates by going to the Batedbreath website here.

Shakespeare, his wife and the dog from Patrick Baldwin on Vimeo.

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